New Products

Dear Friends,

We want to announce about our new products which have recently been published.

1. In the Universe of Georgian Grammar - This guide is an outline of the major topics taught in Georgian courses. Keep it handy as a quick reference source in the classroom while doing homework, and as a memory refresher prior to exams. Due to its condensed format, use it as a Georgian guide, but not as a replacement or assigned class work.

2. Seria Biliki "Reading Materials" III - Reading Materials III contains three parts. B2 level of language proficiency. The twelve doors of Biliki III student textbook are in line with the content and the interviews. In this book:

· Part 1 contains active dialogues

· Part 2 contextual texts oriented on exercises for lexicon and text understanding

· Part 3 belongs to the cluster dictionary with its authentic examples.

You can find these products on our website: