The “Language School” is one of the most well-known study centers for foreigners willing to learn the

Georgian and Russian languages.

Starting in 2005 and continuing to the present day, the “Language School” has been an official contractor of

the US Embassy in Georgia and USAID. Employees of the British Embassy, OSCE, EU, Peace Corps and almost

all embassies in Georgia are actively learning the Georgian language at Language School.

The “Language School” is managed by Nana Shavtvaladze, Professor at TSU and UG – a linguist by

profession She is the author of a unique textbook published in 2006 with the help of the US Embassy in

Georgia entitled BIliki (The Path) “Georgian Language for English-Speakers” Part I. Alongside the book, there

is a supplementary textbooks for Biliki Level I.

On March 26, 2008 Nana Shabvtvaladze presented the second part of Biliki to the public. At a presentation

at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel the textbook was praised in proper Georgian by students of the “Language

School”, diplomats accredited in Georgia including Ambassador of Great Britain Denis Keefe, US Embassy’s

John T.Bernlohr, EU’s Oliver Reisner, John Hansen, Dana Kenny of USAID and others. A student of Nana

Shavtvaladze, the british Ambassador pointed out during the presentation that Biliki was a contemporary

and wonderfully practical course where the Georgian language is learned easily the employment of well

thought-out methodology. The second part to Biliki si the second level of “Georgian Language for English-Speakers” It consists of 16

chapters and 4 tests. Answers, tables, a brief grammar, vocabulary, and a CD are all included in its purchase.

The books can be found at the following stores: Prospero’s, Parnasus, Book House and Santa Esperansa

among others.