2015 December, meeting 2015 December, meeting
Language School hosted the staff meeting for the celebration of the New Year and the presentation of the third book, Biliki III, for the Traditional Georgian Course.
2014 Winter Fair 2014 Winter Fair
Language School supports IWA (International Women`s Association) Winter Fair in February 2014. 
2014 New Year Meeting 2014 New Year Meeting
Language School held the staff meeting in order to celebrate coming New 2015 Year, at the office.
2014 LS presentation at the MFA 2014 LS presentation at the MFA
Language School in Georgia had a great presentation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
2014, May 8 2014, May 8
Language School is providing the language lessons via Skype as well and one of our students, Joanna Dziuba, who had been taking the Skype lessons for 3 years, visited Georgia and managed to maintain